Beeswax wraps – better than paper straws

Anyone who is part of the plastic straw or paper straws movement, should know about Beeswax wraps – they are an even better product that can truly help reduce plastic waste and help save the environment. I’m not going to preach about global warming or ocean pollution from plastics, however these are an amazing product that I use in my home every day – and even send them as gifts to friends and family.

What are they?

Simply, the best food reusable food storage solution out there. Bees wax paper food wraps are made from organic cotton, all natural bee’s wax – usually from small local farms, organic jojoba oil, tree resin, and sometimes coconut oil. The wraps come in different sizes for different uses. You can buy them in typically three different sizes, Small 7″x7″, Medium 10″x10″ or Large 14″x14″ for different applications. They also come in a variety of prints and colors.

Why are they good for the environment

  • Sustainable
  • Re-useable after washing gently with soap and COLD water
  • Organic ingredients
  • Biodegradable
  • No chemicals
  • Compostable


Beeswax wraps are a food storage solution without plastic. Think of all the plastic wrap every household uses for leftover food or to cover an open bowl or cup, then simply gets thrown out after one use. You can use them to seal containers as the warmth from your hands warms the wax and seals like a lid. They are perfect for storing cheese, fruits, vegetables, bread, almost any food product – except for meats, raw fish, shellfish, etc. due to the potential of food borne illnesses common among those items.

Sustainable and eco friendly

The wraps, as mentioned above are made 100% from sustainable sources and no chemicals. They can be used over and over again for up to a year if washed and stored properly when not used. The wraps also have many uses even after their intended purpose has come to an end. My town has very strict recycling guidelines including volume of bins for waste and recyclables, therefore we try to reduce our waste as much as possible.

Since most grocery stores these days have plastic bag recycling bins, it is easy enough to take a loaf of bread out of its plastic and place it into a wrap instead. My experience has been the bread lasts longer, and on the next trip to the store I drop off the empty plastic bread bag into the bag recycling bins.

Used bees wax wraps can be put in our compost bins and will breakdown with the other greens and browns and eventually turn into beautiful potting soil for gardens or ground cover. The wraps may also be used as tinder or kindling as a fire starter, or even just as a soft rag for dusting and wiping down surfaces – you’ll want to wash them after though.

Using the wraps, you may never need to buy plastic wrap, tinfoil or aluminum foil again!

Pro’s and Con’s

Aside from all the pro’s mentioned above, you are doing a favor to the environment by using an eco friendly product.

Con’s: more expensive up front, but much longer usability. Do not use for meat, shellfish, etc.

What are you waiting for?

Try Bee’s Wax Wraps as an alternative to wasteful and harmful plastics and reuse them multiple times. There are many uses not mentioned yet, but I personally make my lunch sandwich in the mornings before work and wrap them, come lunchtime, my sandwich still tastes freshly made and I fold up the wrapper to take home and wash for the next day.